The List & The Secret

The Secret to Business….is relationships!  The bigger the relationship (with a bowl as a metaphor) the more you can put into it.

8 Rules by Catharine Roome

  1. Know Yourself
    • Do the values exercise (I have a hard copy of this work sheet)
    • Think about your purpose statement
    • Use your values to help you make decisions


  1. Leadership is Confidence AND Vulnerability – Leaders express their vulnerability; hiding your vulnerability is the opposite of leadership
    • Learn to ask for help, and to accept it
    • Humility is a universal trust requirement
    • Welcome feedback  
    • You need to continuously work on your leadership right up to the day you die
    • Understand – really understand – your impact on others. Find out and then work on how others perceive you.


  1. There is no excuse for not getting the basics right!
    • Always be on time. Seriously
    • Thank you notes
    • Politeness to people at every level (that is someone’s dad, mom, sister – and could be yours)


  1. The way we learn is through failure.
    • If you never fail then you’re not taking big enough risks
    • Taking personal risk (not company risk, technical risk) is what differentiates leaders


  1. Failure hurts though and body blows are hard to take – keep your energy banks full in order to keep your reliance in reserve
    • Eat well
    • Sleep well
    • Exercise isn’t optional


  1. Read  
    • If someone recommends a book, read it.


  1. Your boss isn’t who determines whether you’ll get promoted – its your peers
    • Only if people want to be lead by you, will you get or stay promoted
    • Be kind to people on the way up
    • Support other people’s success – it’s not just altruism, it’s pragmatic too
    • As a leader with people reporting to you – have courage and hire people smarter than you


  1. Life Balance is achieved over a lifetime
    • Most important decision you ever made is who your parents were. Second most important was where you were born.
    • The third is quite probably who you chose to be with. Choose wisely. A true partner is just that.
    • Childcare is an investment even when it feels like a tax. You will exceed exponentially more if you make a major investment in how you raise your children.
    • Professionals get professional help. Whether that’s childcare, housework, financial advice, health care, counseling, coaching. This is a differentiator.

Catherine Roome

CEO of BC Safety Authority (BCSA)

In addition to issuing permits, licences and certificates, BCSA works with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research. As a creative and principled leader, Catherine values the power of engaging people for a common purpose. She encourages her team to bring their unique potential to building networks that connect all those who use or operate technical equipment in order to share knowledge and expertise to advance safety. A professional engineer, and recipient of several business and leadership awards, Catherine received her degree in electrical engineering from the University of Victoria.

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