Chair, iWIST / Chief Mad Scientist, Mad Science Vancouver Island

Alena Kottova, BSc, MA, PhD

Alena is an award winning researcher and educator focusing on ethics, technology and society. She specializes in exploring the ethical paradigm shift required to address the issues brought up by digital society and fast changing technological innovations. She studies topics of cyber security and privacy and the impact information-based view of reality has on society and the life of an individual. She is teaching courses at the University of Victoria and Vancouver Island University.

Alena is passionate about science and technology education and supports popularization of science through her leadership of Mad Science programs on Vancouver Island. Never finding enough women in the areas of science and technology, she became active in programs that support women in STEM. She is happy to work with iWIST and help to create a community of women in science and technology; a community that supports women in building a network, improve leadership skills and pursue their careers in science and technology.