Executive-Director, Construction Foundation of BC

Abigail Fulton B.A. LL.B.

Abigail Fulton is the Executive Director of the Construction Foundation of BC, a charity focused on supporting education and training in the trades, research and  good works.  Ms. Fulton is a strong supporter of the value of applied learning and the pursuit of industry training and apprenticeship.    A lawyer by profession, Ms Fulton previously served as Vice-President of the BC Construction Association, working extensively with the many stakeholders involved in the construction industry, including employers, educators, unions and government.  Ms. Fulton has served on numerous boards and committees relating to the industry including the Safety Standards Appeal Board of BC, the Common Ground Alliance, the Professional Builders Institute and SkillsCanada BC.

Prior to moving to BC in 1998, Ms. Fulton practiced law in Manitoba specializing in corporate and commercial work.