January 16, 2021

2021/02/12 Meet iWIST’s New Board Members

Meet the incoming New iWIST board members – from HR, Software, Marketing and more, we have a fascinating group of women leaders joining the IWIST board. Join us for a fun panel-style session.

Who you will meet:

  • Laurel Anne Stark – Founder of resurgo.co, Business & Marketing Consultant, Mental Health Advocate
  • Rachel Greenspan – People and operations leader, building strong teams and working on impactful tech projects
  • Maddie Grewal – Team Lead I Certified Scrum Master | Agile Project Management
  • Shannon Parker – HR Manager at FreshWorks Studio | Business Mentor for Locelle | CPHR Candidate and Member
  • Tavia Walsh – Biomedical Engineer at 4M Biotech Ltd

When: Friday, February 12th at 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

Where: Zoom (link to be emailed to registered participants prior to event)