September 6, 2019

2019/10/01 – We Can: A Community Building Event

Join iWIST for a networking event with a twist! On October 1, we’re going to build community – out of cans (that you’ll be providing!).

Bring some canned non-perishable goods, your creativity, and your team spirit. We’ll gather all the cans together, break into teams, and build things out of stacks of cans! Our team of stealth judges will then vote for the winner.

What does this have to do with STEM? Well, a physics or an engineering background might come in handy for building a can structure… creativity, innovation, and teamwork help, too! As usual with iWIST events, everyone is welcome, regardless of your background.

Admission: $25 for non-members or 10 cans; $20 for members or 7 cans (become a member now to get this special rate!). Please register so we can have a headcount. Friends and partners are welcome.

All canned goods will be donated to the Mustard Seed.

We’ll have non-alcoholic drinks and pizza on hand to fuel the fun. Please let us know if you are gluten free or vegetarian. The event will start off with a warm welcome followed by a short talk on innovation from our own Shelby Hart.

Register now!